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What is Commodity trading?

Trading commodities is a very old financial activity. It is a global market, trading precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, copper; trading energies like oil, light oil, crude oil, gasoline; trading agriculture like corn, cotton, wheat, soy and livestock. It is considered a safe haven because commodities do not have sharp fluctuations like other assets have. Their behaviour is closely related to the fact that their supply is finite. Even though their reserves are large, one day they might be out of reserves.

You've traded commodities, at least once.

Each time we buy agriculture to consume, or we travel and we need oil for our cars, we are contributing to the overall demand for commodities. Commodities are used by traders to diversify their trading portfolios in order to diversify and keep the risks under control. There are many factors which influence commodities like weather conditions, global demand, substituting commodities supply, population growth, life standards, etc.

Deeper in Commodity Opportunities.

Our goal is to make commodity trading as easy as possible, and accessible for everyone. Offering competitive spreads, low cost transactions while speculation on hot commodities will boost your profits exponentially. Commodities can be traded 24 hours a day, during the 5 days of business, with a one hour break during the day. You can open, close or keep trades pending during the availability time and make the most out of market opportunities.


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Why trading Commodities with Keyfunders?

We are serving millions of traders trading commodities in our platforms for more than 9 years. We have gained an extraordinary level of expertise on oil and gold trading because of the experience and by adapting the latest techniques and technologies in trading online. We are always listening to our client’s suggestions to improve or change any aspects of our services, and we at a point right now, staying proud and strong in the market, because of the undoubtful quality of our trading services.