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What is Digital Money trading?

Digital money is a modern type of money, virtually based and built through cryptography and blockchains. Blockchains enable participants to be part of the virtual chain, transfer their capital with the highest level of security ever. Digital money is a decentralized system of money. Governments and central banks have no power to control, manage or direct the supply for digital money. This is why governments and central banks are the two major enemies of Bitcoin and its ‘friends’.

You should trade digital money, at least one!

Digital money is stored in a digital wallet, called e-wallet. E- wallet can have various forms, online and offline digital wallets. Bitcoin is the first form of digital money, launched in 2009 by an anonymous person or group of people. Bitcoin has been leading the path of other digital coins since then. All the coins that came after all were called Altcoins- meaning alternatives to Bitcoin. Some are based on more or less powerful algorithms, different blockchain sizes, different economic levels, and some are able to allow applications to be built in their basement.

Deeper in Digital Money Opportunities.

There are two ways to get your toes into digital money waters: buy digital money on an exchange, or trade on the price of the digital money you chose. If you buy a certain amount of Bitcoin, you will wait for the price of Bitcoin to go up, so you sell it for a higher price and make profits on the difference of the prices.

When you trade digital money, for example Bitcoin, you are speculating on the price of the digital currency. If you speculate that the price will raise- you hold a long position, if you speculate that the price will fall- you hold a short position. When you buy Bitcoin, you keep it in your e-Wallet. When you trade Bitcoin you need to have your personal trading account, and you trade from there. You can have your trading account with Keyfunders in less than one minute.

Digital Money in charts

Why trading Digital Money with keyfunders?

We are serving millions of traders trading digital money in our platforms for more than 9 years. We have gained an extraordinary level of expertise on digital money trading because of the experience and by adapting the latest techniques and technologies in trading online. We are always listening to our client’s suggestions to improve or change any aspects of our services, and we at a point right now, staying proud and strong in the market, because of the undoubtful quality of our trading services.