What does Forex mean?

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. It is a global market, where currency pairs are traded. Currencies come always in pairs, and one is traded against the other. Forex is the most liquid market, having an average of $5 trillion trading volume daily. This means that traders have enormous opportunities while trading Forex.

You've made a forex transaction, at least once.

Once you have travelled outside your country, you need to convert some money in the currency of the place you travelled to. This transaction just made you part of the forex market. Exchanging makes international trading easier. For example, a company in the US, which operates its business in US dollars, is able to buy raw materials from a european company, which operates in Euros, thanks to the ability of exchanging US dollars for Euros.

Deeper in Forex Opportunities.

There is a huge advantage about trading Forex. You can make profits in both directions, when the prices go up or down. All needed is your right decision, which means if you invest in EUR/USD pair by predicting that EURO will get stronger against the US dollar, and EURO really becomes stronger against the US dollar, then you will make your profits out of this trade. The hottest pairs, where you can make the most out of trading them are major pairs. Major pairs include the US dollar. They represent the largest forex trading volume compared to other currency pairs.


Forex in charts

Why trading Forex with Keyfunders?

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