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What is Indices trading?

Indices are considered as a rich asset to trade, because compared to other assets, you do not need to consider assets individually, you will deal with a basket of stocks at the same time, usually representing companies of the same sector. Trading indices CFDs is the most famous way of trading. It was a need to know the overall performance of the market, a special sector of the economy. Indices performance shows exactly that.

You should trade Indices, at least once!

There are hundreds of indices worldwide, representing groups of companies nationally, regionally and by industry sector. An index is a smart way to go deeper in a particular market. For beginner traders it might seem a bit confusing in the start, having many questions, like how you are going to manage hundreds of companies which create a particular index. How you will understand which of the companies lead the direction of the index. Well, usually the largest market capitalizations companies lead the index.

Deeper in Indices Opportunities.

If the price of the index goes up (or down), it does not mean that the price of all the stocks which compound the index are going in the same direction, high (or all down). It means that the average price of all stocks is going in that certain direction. Some of them may be going up, some down. There are many ways to calculate the importance and the role of each stock in the general performance of the index they belong to.


Indices in charts

Why trading Indices with Keyfunders?

We are serving millions of traders trading indices in our platforms for more than 9 years. We have gained an extraordinary level of expertise on indices trading because of the experience and by adapting the latest techniques and technologies in trading online. We are always listening to our client’s suggestions to improve or change any aspects of our services, and we at a point right now, staying proud and strong in the market, because of the undoubtful quality of our trading services.