What is Shares trading?

Trading shares is considered a royal path of multiplying your wealth. It is an extraordinary way of making profits while other people work to raise the value of the stocks. Once a company becomes public, its shares are available for anyone to trade on (no need to be the owner of them), or by your choice buying and being their owner. Once you keep a share, you are enjoying a piece of ownership in the underlying company.

You should trade shares, at least once!

IPO is the initial public offer which is the first time the company is issuing its shares publicly. Usually their value rises during the time after IPO, even though sometimes the opposite might happen. Some companies keep issuing more shares in the public, after the IPO. This is called FPO- following public offer, and it is done to raise the number and the overall value of the company in the market. It is done by the company or by giant investors, who decide to resell their shares to other investors in the market. This second case doesn’t bring any change in the total number of the shares in the market.

Deeper in Shares Opportunities.

You can start trading with Keyfunders by a firm minimum of investment of $250. It is considered by our team of risk management as a fair amount to activate your account and see some profits in the short run. You are allowed to not expose your all capital in the market, you open your trades as low as $10 per trade. We are dedicated to serve you with high security, reliability and expertise. We offer different levels of leverage to our traders, to boost their trading capacities and raise their investment power. Of course, leverage comes with risks, but this is why we are by your side, to lead toward great decisions.


Shares in charts

Why trading Shares with Keyfunders?

We are serving millions of traders trading shares in our platforms for more than 9 years. We have gained an extraordinary level of expertise on stocks trading because of the experience and by adapting the latest techniques and technologies in trading online. We are always listening to our client’s suggestions to improve or change any aspects of our services, and we at a point right now, staying proud and strong in the market, because of the undoubtful quality of our trading services.